So long, 2016!

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It’s New Year’s Eve already? Really? Didn’t 2016 just start like a few days ago? Well, it seems that way anyway. 2016 was a roller coaster ride for me; a real pain in the ass 99% of the time. Despite those bad days, I am truly thankful for everything that happened in my life. Those downfalls have shaped and molded me into a better person. I found a way to smile through all of the BS life threw at me. You know what? I became a more humble person and I took on challenges that I never thought I would have to face. Boy, life can really throw you for a loop!

I’m thankful for 2016, but homegirl, YOU GOTS TO GO! It’s time for me to welcome in this new year and to reap the many blessings that I know are waiting for me. I’m claiming a very prosperous year! I REFUSE to go back! Instead, I’m pushing forward to bigger and better things…SUCCESS and HAPPINESS! You should do the same!

So tonight when you’re raising your glasses at 12 midnight, toast to a prosperous and joyous new year!

Be blessed everyone and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!



I invested in my FUTURE! I invested in my DREAM!

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Yesterday, I took another major step towards my dream. My ultimate goal is to become a certified speech language pathologist. Yes, I want my C’s! And by C’s, I mean this: Aquila Johnson, M.S., CCC-SLP. This may not mean anything to you, but to me, it’ll be an accomplishment, a sense of VICTORY and HAPPINESS!

I invested in my FUTURE! I invested in my DREAM!

I am two steps closer to where I want to be. With God on my side, and me being on His, I am confident that everything that I am working towards will prosper. When you have been down “in the valley” for a while, you will soon start to find your way out. After humbling yourself first and changing your life around for the better, God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. I am a witness! While I was investing in my dream yesterday, I received an email about speech therapy opportunities in California. I never applied to any jobs in California! That was all the confirmation that I needed…I’m following God and He’s leading me down the right path! I’d like to call it my “YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO SUCCESS!”

I invested in my FUTURE! I invested in my DREAM!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

One Step Closer….

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While subbing at one of Jackson’s many public schools, I stumbled across this quote on the teacher’s door: “It’s not the finish line that matters, it’s having the courage to start.” I loved this quote so much that I wrote it down in one of my notebooks, I mean how else was I going to remember it?

I just took a huge leap into my career path today. This morning, I completed my application for graduate school! Excited? Why yes, yes I am! I have been putting my graduate studies off for a few years now, and the time has finally come for me to get back at it in order to fulfill my dreams. I’m so grateful for everybody who believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I have faith that I will be accepted into this university, and in May, I will be starting a new journey.

I had the courage to start, DO YOU?

Be blessed!

A.C. Johns


All love stories aren’t found in story books….

In February of 2011, around the end of the month, I walked into Foot Locker looking for a new pair of shoes. I was a college student, so of course I wanted to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I entered the store and was instantly greeted by an employee. “Hello,” said the gentleman while folding shirts. “Hi,” I said, not really paying attention to him because I was on the phone with my mom at the time.

While on the phone, I looked around to see if any shoes caught my eye. As soon as I finished up my conversation, the salesman immediately came over to see if I needed any assistance. Of course I didn’t need the help, but it was a nice gesture though lol! In the midst of this gentleman helping me, he struck up a casual conversation. And y’all when I say he was saying some goofy stuff, believe me, he was saying some off the wall stuff lol! Like “my car has a name,” corny, I know lol! But somehow, that casual conversation turned into flirting, not from me though, and then, he asked for my number. By the way, umm I made him wait a full two hours before I finally decided to give him my number lol… petty, I know! Don’t judge me!

Guess what?! We’re still rocking you guys! We married in November of 2013, and we have three beautiful children together.

I didn’t walk into Foot Locker looking for a soulmate, because at the time, I was on and off with this other guy who I had met during my freshman year. However, he’s not relevant now. Who is important, is the guy that stole my heart without even trying, and in return, I stole his heart and his last name. I guess that “my car has a name” line was the icing on the cake lol!

To wake up to this amazing man every single day is an awesome feeling. I am so grateful for my husband and I thank God for placing him in my life about five years ago. Who would’ve known that walking into Foot Locker in 2011 would have led to something so wonderful? I sure didn’t. And no, we are not the perfect couple, but in each others eyes, we are.

Love comes when you least expect it. You have to stop looking so hard and let it find you.

Be blessed!

A.C. Johns


Enough is Enough. . . .

The fact that my husband and I both work so hard and yet in return, we get paid less. The logic behind this just doesn’t add up to me. My husband works 10 hours a day, 4 days a week and only makes over a grand? Like really? Not to mention that he only gets paid once a month. And my little ol’ sub job… well you know the pay is horrible! I may only work two days a week, but $65 and $35  a day ain’t enough to put up with these bad ass kids!

All I can say is “God, what now?”

Whoever said living from check to check was cool LIED!!! This crap ain’t cool! Something has to give! We have money in the bank but we can’t use it because it’s already spent on bills. This is no way for anybody to live. I may sound a bit ungrateful to some, but believe me, I am very grateful for everything that we have been blessed with.

Y’all just don’t know my story, well OUR story! Some of you can relate while others can’t and that’s okay. I’m just ready to get to better days because right now we’re just barely getting by.

I didn’t write this post for y’all to feel sorry for me and my family. I wrote it because I needed to get some things off my chest and now, I feel a little better. I know that everything will be okay, I believe that wholeheartedly. Our day is coming and I got a feeling that that day will be sooner than I think!

Be blessed, y’all!

A.C. Johns


“Beauty” is such a touchy topic. I know there are tons of women all over the world, struggling with their own image, daily. With all these gorgeous celeb women in our eyesight every day, as a woman, we can’t help but get a tad bit jealous.

I find it sad that we look to celebs for beauty, when ninety-nine percent of the time, they don’t even feel beautiful themselves. Hiding behind her makeup and a fake smile is a woman who doesn’t think she is beautiful at all.

We use makeup and cosmetic surgeries to hide our flaws, when really our flaws are what make us beautiful. Can you change your bubbly spirit and soul with surgeries ,or try covering them up? Beauty is within and flows outward into our appearance.

Stop looking to the world for advice on how YOU should look so that you can please the eyesight of others. God created all women to be different. Size, skin tone, eye color, hair texture, whatever… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t make the mistake of letting someone persuade you to change who you are because it’s the “NEW TREND”… BULL****! Be you and be proud of who you are.

Dare to be different all while being you! Give ’em something to talk about! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter what others may say or think of you!

I hope my words have helped someone who may be fighting with these issues.

A.C. Johns


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I absolutely love the saying in the picture above! Why? Because it speaks volumes about my life right at this very moment. I refuse to sit back and do nothing! I refuse to fail! I refuse to sink! I am putting my best foot forward to be successful. I am putting down good roots for my children because I don’t want them to struggle the same way their father and I struggled.

I refuse to give in and I refuse to give up. I will continue to strive for greatness!

– A.C. Johns