So long, 2016!

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It’s New Year’s Eve already? Really? Didn’t 2016 just start like a few days ago? Well, it seems that way anyway. 2016 was a roller coaster ride for me; a real pain in the ass 99% of the time. Despite those bad days, I am truly thankful for everything that happened in my life. Those downfalls have shaped and molded me into a better person. I found a way to smile through all of the BS life threw at me. You know what? I became a more humble person and I took on challenges that I never thought I would have to face. Boy, life can really throw you for a loop!

I’m thankful for 2016, but homegirl, YOU GOTS TO GO! It’s time for me to welcome in this new year and to reap the many blessings that I know are waiting for me. I’m claiming a very prosperous year! I REFUSE to go back! Instead, I’m pushing forward to bigger and better things…SUCCESS and HAPPINESS! You should do the same!

So tonight when you’re raising your glasses at 12 midnight, toast to a prosperous and joyous new year!

Be blessed everyone and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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