All love stories aren’t found in story books….

In February of 2011, around the end of the month, I walked into Foot Locker looking for a new pair of shoes. I was a college student, so of course I wanted to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I entered the store and was instantly greeted by an employee. “Hello,” said the gentleman while folding shirts. “Hi,” I said, not really paying attention to him because I was on the phone with my mom at the time.

While on the phone, I looked around to see if any shoes caught my eye. As soon as I finished up my conversation, the salesman immediately came over to see if I needed any assistance. Of course I didn’t need the help, but it was a nice gesture though lol! In the midst of this gentleman helping me, he struck up a casual conversation. And y’all when I say he was saying some goofy stuff, believe me, he was saying some off the wall stuff lol! Like “my car has a name,” corny, I know lol! But somehow, that casual conversation turned into flirting, not from me though, and then, he asked for my number. By the way, umm I made him wait a full two hours before I finally decided to give him my number lol… petty, I know! Don’t judge me!

Guess what?! We’re still rocking you guys! We married in November of 2013, and we have three beautiful children together.

I didn’t walk into Foot Locker looking for a soulmate, because at the time, I was on and off with this other guy who I had met during my freshman year. However, he’s not relevant now. Who is important, is the guy that stole my heart without even trying, and in return, I stole his heart and his last name. I guess that “my car has a name” line was the icing on the cake lol!

To wake up to this amazing man every single day is an awesome feeling. I am so grateful for my husband and I thank God for placing him in my life about five years ago. Who would’ve known that walking into Foot Locker in 2011 would have led to something so wonderful? I sure didn’t. And no, we are not the perfect couple, but in each others eyes, we are.

Love comes when you least expect it. You have to stop looking so hard and let it find you.

Be blessed!

A.C. Johns



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