“Beauty” is such a touchy topic. I know there are tons of women all over the world, struggling with their own image, daily. With all these gorgeous celeb women in our eyesight every day, as a woman, we can’t help but get a tad bit jealous.

I find it sad that we look to celebs for beauty, when ninety-nine percent of the time, they don’t even feel beautiful themselves. Hiding behind her makeup and a fake smile is a woman who doesn’t think she is beautiful at all.

We use makeup and cosmetic surgeries to hide our flaws, when really our flaws are what make us beautiful. Can you change your bubbly spirit and soul with surgeries ,or try covering them up? Beauty is within and flows outward into our appearance.

Stop looking to the world for advice on how YOU should look so that you can please the eyesight of others. God created all women to be different. Size, skin tone, eye color, hair texture, whatever… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t make the mistake of letting someone persuade you to change who you are because it’s the “NEW TREND”… BULL****! Be you and be proud of who you are.

Dare to be different all while being you! Give ’em something to talk about! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter what others may say or think of you!

I hope my words have helped someone who may be fighting with these issues.

A.C. Johns


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