Humble yourself AND start where you are!

“Start Where You Are”

                                – Meera Lee Patel

For the past 10 months, I have been on this quest called “Finding Myself.” Have any of you ever heard of such a thing? Yeah, of course of you have! No one fully knows themselves, but if you do. . . . well, kudos to you! But, for those of us who don’t have a clue of who we are, then let’s hop on our sailboats and explore ourselves!

Honestly, I’m just now accepting the fact that my life is not perfect. . . . I’m not PERFECT! And neither are you and that’s okay!  I’m just starting to get comfortable with where I am. I do know that my life is getting better and it WILL continue to get better!

There have been times where I have been beyond broke, depressed – just overall unsatisfied with the way events were occurring in my life. I felt like I was at the bottom of the barrel, like my life was ending. I would look at the lives of other people around my age and wonder why I didn’t have all the things they had. It looked like these people had everything together. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know why I even existed! I was just confused. . . . LOST in a cruel world that doesn’t give two F**** one way or the other. That’s when my husband threw something at me because he knew something was wrong. He asked me, “Do you even know who you are? I want you to get out some paper and a pen and write down the things that you like. What makes you happy?” Now, mind you that this is like 12 in the morning! But it has helped me with finding myself. I wrote down sooo many things that I never knew I enjoyed so much!   But somehow, I still wanted to give up, and knowing that I had a family of my own, I couldn’t. That’s when my faith and trust in GOD came about. My heavenly Father has blessed me far beyond measure! And He can and will do the same for you too!

I have humbled myself and taken on things that I would have never imagined doing. Like my job, for example. I never would’ve thought that I would be a substitute teacher. Me?! A sub?! But, I needed a job to help provide for my family until I get to where I want to be. You know, that happy place. And so far, I’m on the right track. I’m listening to the most HIGH and following HIM! I’m humbling myself for I know that my greater is coming soon!

Never give up on your dreams! Humble yourself, trust in God, and just sit back while your life takes you on an amazing journey. Don’t start over, instead, start where you are! Accept life and its many challenges. Make your days the best days ever! Don’t be afraid to dream big and jump out on faith! It’s never too late to start where you are.

– A.C. Johns



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